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Tech Guy Terms Easily Explained

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Are you confused about what your tech guy is saying to you? Sometimes Web Nerds use intense jargon when talking to clients. Here is Web Designer/Developers jargon explained!


Common Terns Used
Browser: This is a software application, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc., that people use to visit websites.

Server: When you open a webpage, the data is sent to your computer from another computer. This other computer is considered the server.

URL: The URL is the web address at the top of the browser. URL’s look like this:

Tags: Tags are a part of HTML coding. Tags are the text that goes around the content in the HTML. Example:

<h1>This is heading<h1>
<h2>This is heading<h2>
<h3>This is heading<h3>

Anchor: This is a tag in HTML code that starts with an a and is closed with an a.
An example: <a name=”C4”>Chapter 4</a>

Wrapping: This is another HTML term. Wrapping is the same as tags, really, but with text in the middle.
An example: <p> I’m a paragraph </p> Paragraph tags wrap the text.

Nesting: Nesting is an HTML term that is just like wrapping but has more layers to it. List items are nested under/inside the list element.
An example: Unordered List


When wanting to order a list with numbers, the coder will use <ol> instead of <ul>

Markup: This is another term used for saying HTML code.

Accessibility: Some may think this is self-explanatory, but in the web world when a designer/developer uses this term they are really saying will this website be easy or difficult to access content for people that have disabilities.

Usability: This is just like accessibility, but it’s used when figuring out if the website will be easy or difficult for all viewers, not just people with disabilities.

Findability: Designers use this term when describing how easy the viewers can locate the content they are looking for on a website.

Standards: This describes the set of rules on how browsers should interpret HTML code.

Semantics: This means choosing the correct HTML tag to describe content.

Rendering: describes the process of interpreting HTML and CSS and creating what you see on your computer.

Client-side: This term means the language that is interpreted by your browser.

Server-side: This describes the process of the language being interpreted by the server.

DOCTYPE: This is at the top of the code and tells the browser a set of rules to be followed when interpreting the remaining code.

Copy: This refers to text.

White Space: This refers to spaces in the design that are left blank for looks.

Vector: This is a type of graphic that can be changed to any size without losing its crispness.

Bitmap: This is a type of image that can’t be changed to any size without messing up the crispness of the photo.

Analytics: Data about the website. This data is shown in an organized manner and can help the manager of the website to see how many people have viewed the website, which pages viewers are on the most, etc.

Kerning: This describes the process of changing the amount of space between two letters to make the looks of the design better.

Tracking: This is like Kerning, but this describes the whole design’s letter spacing.

Sprite: This describes an image that has multiple images.

Elastic: This is a type of web layout. This layout will adjust to scale up or down.

Fixed Layout: This is a type of layout that cannot fully adjust but the fonts size in the layout can.

Fluid Layout: This means the layout’s width is determined by the browser window that the viewer is using.

Framework: This describes software being built to make things easier.



CSS: This stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This controls the look of a rendered page.

HTML: This refers to HyperText Markup Language. This is code that forms websites and shows the content that each website contains. 

JS: This stands for JavaScript. This program is used to create interactive effects within web browsers.

AJAX: This stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This is a way to load content from a server and then placing it on a page without having to refresh.

CMS: This refers to the Content Management System. CMS is a software that runs on a server. A CMS makes managing content on websites easier.

SEO: This stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps drive traffic to a website. A company can make changes to their website to help them rank higher when viewers search for them.

SERP: This refers to Search Engine Results Page. When a user searches something in Google they will be taken to a results page know as SERP. 

TLD: TLD stands for Top Level Domain. Some TLDs are .com and .net.  

CRUD: This refers to Create, Read, Update, Delete. This is a web application used for blogs. This allows the user to create content, read the content, update the content whenever and delete the content or blog if they want. 

DOM: This stands for Document Object Model. The DOM treats HTML like a tree-like structure where each element of the document has a purpose. 

RGB: This refers to Red Green Blue. This is a color model that is used to display graphics. Images used for website or electronic display should be in the Red Green Blue color model. 

CMYK: This stands for Cyan Magenta Yellow Black. This is the color model used for print. Photos look more realistic on paper when using CMYK.

RSS: This is known as Really Simple Syndication. This is an XML form used for publishing content. 

DPI/PPI: This refers to Dots Per Inch and Pixels Per Inch. The Dots are known as actual dots of inch on paper and pixels are known as bits of data.  

WYSIWYG: This stands for What You See Is What You Get. This is a system where content can be edited in a form to make it look very similar to how it looks when it is printed.


Common Phrases Used

Above the Fold: This refers to a website’s front page. The middle of the front page is known as the fold. When a designer/developer uses the phrase above the fold they are referring to the top half of the front page that can be seen without scrolling. 

Browser Safe: This means that a set of colors are acceptable to use because they will display properly on all computer monitors. 

Hover State: This is when a user hovers over a link and the link changes color.

Active State: This refers to when a link is tabbed to something.

Back End: Designers/Developers use this term when talking about the behind the scenes work and when talking about coding or items that the viewer can’t see when looking at a website. 

Front End: This is known as the part of the website that people can view on a browser. 

Pixel Perfect: Designers/Developers use this phrase when describing that a finished design matches the mockup perfectly. 

Browser Zooming: This refers to a feature in a browser that magnifies a website.  

Horizontal Scroll: This means that a website is wider than the browser’s window.  

Bugfoot: This is used when describing a bug that has been seen by one person and can’t be reproduced. 

Duck: This refers to adding a feature that is only used to draw management and will eventually be deleted later.  

Borked: This means something is wrong with the layout of webpage. 


Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Visit

Monday, August 20, 2018

In July, Links COO, Jim Burke, went to visit new client, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Tarrytown, NY. Regeneron became a client of Links Technology in September of 2017, and in October 17, 2018, we had our first consultant, Allen Chiang, start his new role as a Sr. Project Manager. Since then, we have grown the team from one to now four (pictured from left to right Allen Chiang, Royal Sirisala, Dimitri Ganasoulis and Tom Morgan. Also pictured, Debi Easterday, Director of Talent Acquisition and Jim Burke, Links’ COO. Since July, we have started another consultant, Jayesh Virkar, and we have an additional three consultants (Glen Giancola, Stacey Mills and Michael Anderson) starting the next several weeks.   



















Links Technology is one of only TWO approved vendors currently working in the Research and Development – IT organization at Regeneron, and after visiting the campus, we consider it quite a privilege to do so. Regeneron has recently acquired another 100 acres, and in the months to come, they will be building major additions to their already gorgeous and well-developed campus. The cafeteria was so good that we saw Regeneron’s President and Chief Scientific Officer, George Yancopoulos, dining at the table next to us while we were chatting with Royal Sirasala.


While visiting the campus and the team, we learned that Regeneron’s greatest claim to fame is their development of mice whose DNA perfectly replicates human DNA. Minds were blown! Needless to say, this client is doing some pretty radical and innovate work in the Biotech space. Links is looking forward to assisting them in their next-phase development, and we’re proud of the Links Team we are building internally at Regeneron.






































2018's National Non-Profit Day Project

Friday, August 17, 2018

Lending a Helping Hand..

This year we decided to give a helping hand to a local non-profit, Wings Program Inc., as our National Non-Profit Day Project! WINGS help women and children who have fled domestic abuse and are rebuilding their lives. The WINGS Program provides safe (protective) shelter, food, clothing, help women get to job interviews and court appointments until they are stabilized. As a group, Links Technology and the Schaumburg Business Association partnered together and collected numerous of the items that were on WINGS’ wish list for an entire month! Our staff and management team all pitched in for the cause, donating money and many critically needed items to help supply these safe houses. At Links Technology, we could not be happier to lend a helping hand to WINGS and support our community!


For more information about Wings Program Inc, check out their website here.

If you would like to donate any items to their supply closet please contact

Tabitha Nilson
EMAIL | 847-577-4668, ext. 303






National Hire a Veteran Day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Links Thinks Companies Should Hire Veterans Because.... 

Besides the obvious sacrifices they have made for our Country, the primary reason to hire veterans is they come with a critical skill set for any business, discipline. Veterans understand teamwork, chain of command, and doing it right the first time. When asked to jump, veterans jump, they don’t ask how high or how come. Military members that have left the service to join the civilian world take their knowledge and commitment to achieve, and bring this higher level of expectation to the company. Having military members (veterans) as a part of one’s business will usually increase team building and productivity. Veterans are some of the most resilient employees, someone can hire. Veterans often have gone through some interesting hardships, which creates character and endurance. It’s also important to hire veterans because it’s too easy for them to be left behind in the rest of the world, and their teamwork and loyalty is unparalleled.



What branch?
United States Navy

What years were you on active duty?





What branch?
I was in the United States Marine Corps

What years were you on active duty?

What are the major takeaways from your experience?
For me, the major take away was discipline, integrity, loyalty and honor.

Major accomplishments:

  • Marine Security Guard, top ½ of 1 percent of the Marine Corps.
  • Achieved rank of E-5 in 3 years
  • Received numerous letters of recommendation and appreciation
  • Worked in US Embassy’s Panama City, Panama and Bogota Columbia




Josh's pictures were taken while stationed in Hawaii. He hung out with the crew that was in the Movie Pearl Harbor, which was filmed in Hawaii the same time I was stationed there.

What branch?
United States Army

What years were you on active duty?
1997 to 2006, Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom IV (four)

What are the major takeaways from your experience? 
Becoming a leader, Team building, and working as a cohesive team

Major Accomplishments:
Rank of SGT E-5, Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom IV, Air Assault Qualified, (2) Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal

Additional comments:
Enjoyed learning how to drive and work on the various different diesel vehicles, along with learning and shooting the various different weapons systems.



What branch?
United States Navy

What years were you on active duty?
2008 to 2012

What are the major takeaways from your experience?
Work hard, play hard.

Major Accomplishments:
I earned two Navy Achievement Medals, one for fixing a vital communications array and the other for keeping a vital communications net up during combat operations.



What branch?
United States Marine Corps

What years were you on active duty?
Active from 1998-2002 and served in the Kosovo War in 1999






Comcast Outages in Schaumburg & Across the Country!

Friday, June 29, 2018


Comcast Users

We are getting word of widespread Comcast outages across the country causing internet latency and total outages. The link below shows outages in our Local Schaumburg area.


The link below is the Comcast outage map, and it looks like there is a very large outage in Washing DC area. This might be the root cause of why there are issues in our area. Usually if a large area goes down, this effects DNS and Routing of internet packets at other locations around the US.


We will keep you up-to-date as the day progresses.


Know Your Options for Protecting Your Data

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Some concerning news has surfaced about Facebook allowing your private information to be used by third-party violators, like Cambridge Analytics, who gained access to more than 50 million Facebook users' data back in 2014. The good news is, there are precautions that you can take to protect your personal data.


Disable Location Services on Your Mobile Device

When you grant companies access to your location data, they can track where you are going and where you have been, including your most frequently visited places. Unlink Third-Party Apps You have probably signed up for an app using Facebook. If you feel the app is questionable, remove it. Whenever you download a new app, make sure to turn off third-party access.


Limit Sharing Settings

Use the down arrow in the top right corner to go to Settings > Privacy and limit who can see posts, send you friend requests, and more (*cough* friends only *cough*).


Remove Personal Info & Restrict Ad Preferences

Use the question mark in the top right corner to go to “Privacy Check Up,” where you can edit and delete information previously shared. Isn’t it weird how Facebook will pop up an ad for a pair of shoes you were just looking at? To stop this, go to your ad preferences so they can no longer advertise by your actions, relationships, or any of the categories that Facebook has selected for you.


Finally, You Can Delete Your Facebook. Oh, the horror!

Use the down arrow in the top right corner to go to Settings > General > Manage Account, then “Deactivate your account.”

Links is a Hit at the Illinois Parks & Rec Conference

Friday, February 02, 2018


Links Technology was proud to be a part of the 2018 IAPD/ IPRA Soaring to New Heights Conference on January 18 and 19 in Chicago! This year we really stepped up our game with our Chipping Challenge. The game was a huge hit! For every golf ball made the attendee was entered to win an Amazon Echo. We are pleased to announce the winner of the Amazon Echo was Keith Williams from Palatine Park District! Even though we could only have one big winner, everyone who participated walked away with a Links travel toothbrush, microfiber, & plenty of candy!





Links Technology is grateful to have had the opportunity to showcase our design, marketing, and technology services at 2018 IAPD/ IPRA Soaring to New Heights Conference. When meeting with attendees, the Links Design Team could share their website designs of other Park Districts and the IT Support Team was able to listen to attendees’ needs & provide Networking and IT Security solutions for their organizations.



As a family-run, veteran-owned company, we understand what is important to agencies, residents and vendors like few others can, and this conference supplied plenty of opportunities to speak with customers after hours at fun social events. It was great to get to know the Park District attendees and other vendors even more. The Links team hit the dance floors as well, making friends and connections throughout!



A big thank you to IAPD/IPRA for hosting yet another amazing conference experience and giving us the opportunity to showcase at it! The Links Technology team is looking forward to participating again in 2019!


Netflix Scam Hits 110 Million Users

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Netflix has been hit by a massive phishing attack campaign.

Subscribers are being targeted, telling them that their account is about to be canceled with a very official-looking, personalized, fake email. The customers are asked to update their account information to avoid suspension which results in their personal and credit card information being stolen by the hackers.

The email typically has the subject line of: “Your suspension notification”. In the email, subscribers find a link that, when clicked, takes them to a fake Netflix log-in page to give their information and credit card number. The phishing attack was fist detected on Sunday, November 5th and is targeting almost 110 million Netflix subscribers. The fake site includes Netflix’s logo as well as images of  popular Netflix shows like “The Crown” and “House of Cards” which make the site seem legitimate.

Don't fall for the scam!

Never click on links in any email unless you know you initiated it being sent to you via the real Netflix website. You account data is safe and it is safe to use Netflix, but if you give up your information this easily, your data and money are as good as gone!



Snopes Needs Their Community's Help

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The ongoing legal dispute between Snopes and Proper Media is now causing some major financial issues.

After Proper Media completely cut off Snopes’ online advertisements, Snopes has been losing a lot of money. They have always been a free online source, which means they rely on their advertisements to create revenue and bring in income to keep them running successfully.

For the first time in history, Snopes has reached out to their online community by creating a GoFundMe page to help them fund their company and employees.

Both companies will be appearing in court on August 4th. For more background of this story, check out this article from New York times.

10th Annual Links Technology Cup

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The 10th Annual Links Technology Cup golf outing is right around the corner! On August 9th, teams of four will compete for the Links Cup. 

Tickets can be purchased for $165 per golfer, which includes food and beverages at almost every hole, a steak dinner provided by Chandler’s Chophouse, and 18 holes of golf.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Schaumburg Park Foundation.

For more information on the Cup visit,

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