Video Meeting Scam Using AI Technology

AI is soaring in popularity so this means AI technology for phishing scams is on the rise as well. Cybercriminals can use AI technology to make people look like and sound like people you know – and in the latest scam they are doing just that.

Cybercriminals fake an entire video meeting in their latest scam to trap someone into sending over 200 million. The cybercriminals first tried posing as a CFO and asking an employee to make a secret financial transaction. Because of cyber security training the employee knew better and knew this was a phishing scam. The cybercriminals didn’t give up and used a new tactic (AI technology) to proceed with their scam.

The cybercriminals sent a video meeting invite to further discuss this transaction. When the employee joined the meeting – their CFO and other coworkers on the call looked like the legit people and even sounded like them. This is the cybercriminals main goal and tactic when using AI technology. They want the victim to trust and put their guard down so the perform an action. This employee sent over the money request of 200 million after the meeting because the AI technology made it so believable!


  • Follow your company’s protocol when it comes to reporting phishing emails.
  • Always verify! If this person would have emailed his security team to see if this was a legit meeting invite, this could have been prevented.
  • Always be cautious when dealing with money transaction requests.

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