Ukraine Scams

Cybercriminals are sending out scams and spreading disinformation about Ukraine to get people's personal and payment information.

Just like any other popular topic, Cybercriminals are now using Ukraine topics in their latest scams. Since the recent war in Ukraine is gathering a lot of attention, be cautious of phishing attacks and disinformation campaigns.

Cybercriminals can create a handful of different Ukraine themed scams. Most of the time cybercriminals try to play on your emotions to lure you into giving payment information or sensitive information. Cybercriminals are conducting a scam that pulls at your heartstrings to help donate to Ukrainians in need of financial assistance. They trick you into providing your payment information and it goes straight to the cybercriminals not Ukrainians unfortunately. Cybercriminals also love spreading fake news and could catch your attention with posting disinformation in emails, text messages, and social posts.



  • Get your news from trusted news sources so you know it is true information. Don’t fall for crazy headlines and always research to verify if what you are reading is true.
  • Don’t make donations to people or companies you don’t know. If you want to help and donate go to a trusted organization’s website and donate from there.
  • Always be cautious of social media users that have names with random letters and numbers. Many times, these random usernames are bots.

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