Twitter's Rebrand is The Newest Phishing Scam Topic

New name – new phishing campaign. Like any new news, cybercriminals have taken the announcement of Twitter changing their name to “X” into their own hands.

 What you need to look out for: any emails that seem to sent from X. In the latest phishing email, the rebranded Twitter, X, will explain that you need to change your Twitter Blue subscription to the new X Premium. The cybercriminals include a link in this phishing email that takes clickers to a fake X login page. If you enter in your credentials on this fake login page, cybercriminals will have access to them. This is also a reason why it is important not to have the same login information for various websites. If they have your credentials they can try to login to other accounts you may have.


  • Always be cautious when logging into your accounts when it’s through an email. Make sure to go to the actual website and login.
  • Be on the lookout for any crazy headlines. Cybercriminals want you to act on your impulses to perform an action. Remember a lot of news can be fake news and cybercriminals use popular topics as their main subjects for scams.
  • Remember this can happen to any company, not just Twitter.

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