Turkey-Syria Earthquake Scams

Like any national disaster, cybercriminals hop on the bandwagon and use it as the topic of their scams. Sadly, there were two earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria last week and this been the highlight in their latest scams. Cybercriminals like to play on people’s emotions and trick you into sending over your personal information to them.

Be on the lookout for phishing attacks around this recent event. Cybercriminals send out a variety of scams and could send out fake donation links and latest news articles/video links. When you click on these links it could trick you into sharing your sensitive information or installing malware on your device.


  • Always think before you click! Hover over any links to see where they are going.
  • Don’t send donations to unknown users. If you want to donate and help out those in Turkey and Syria go to a trusted company’s website and donate directly to them.
  • Stay informed. Cybercriminals try to share shocking headlines that make you click on articles. Stay up to date on your information so you don’t fall for these fake ones.

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