Student Loan Relief Scams

Cybercriminals are creating fake applications pages for the student loan relief plan.

A Student Loan Relief Plan has been announced by the U.S. Government. This plan announced that it would give students up to $20,000 of student loan relief. In order to find out if you qualify, you need to send in an application. Like any other popular topic or news announcement, cybercriminals use these topics to their advantage. Cybercriminals have taken it into their own hands and have created their own fake applications to send out.  

In the latest phishing email scam, the email looks to be coming from an official federal agency. The wording of the email states that you need to apply for loan relief and can do so at the link. Once you click on the link you are taken to a fake application page that asks for all personal and sensitive information. Bank information like direct deposits are asked in this application. Once your information is submitted, cybercriminals can then access your bank, lock you out of your bank, and steal your money.


  • Think before you click! Always hover over links to see where they are taking you. Make sure the link goes to a trusted website and matches the content of the email.
  • Stay up to date with financial efforts. Follow the local news and other trusted websites. If you want to look into what actions need to be completed always go to the trusted website directly to read about it.
  • Be cautious of any social posts, emails, or text messages containing information.

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