Streaming Service Phishing Attacks Are Becoming Even More Popular

Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, and many more are being used in phishing scams!

These services have always been a target for cybercriminals but with more people being at home, these services have skyrocketed in users. Netflix has gained over 15 million new subscribers during the Coronavirus pandemic. With more subscribers, cybercriminals are definitely taking advantage.  

Be on the lookout for Netflix phishing emails! Many of the attacks are emails claiming that you have missed a payment and to log in using the link provided in the email. This link goes to a fake Netflix page designed to gather your personal information.

Another very popular phishing email going around right now is an offering of free Netflix services during the Coronavirus pandemic. This too urges you to click on a link taking you to a fake Netflix page that collects your information.

Tips to help you stay safe:

  1. Do not click on links in emails you were not expecting.
  2. Log in to your account through a browser and not the link in an email. By doing this you ensure that you are on the real company's website and not a fake one.
  3. Check out the company's website through a browser to see if they are offering any promotions, instead of clicking on the link. If the promotion was actually a thing it would be on their website.