Remote Desktop Scam

Many people that have a computer issue might have allowed their IT Support team to gain access to their desktop. This software has also been used by cybercriminals. In the latest scam, cybercriminals spoof your bank and send you an email claiming that there is an issue on your bank account and they need to investigate. This is not a bank team member it is really a cybercriminal trying to gain access to your computer.

If you download the remote desktop software to your computer, cybercriminals now have access to everything. They can change request passwords and change your login information for all your accounts to lock you out, see any confidential files, and have access to payment information as well.


  • Do not give access to your computer from someone that contacts you.
  • Always be cautious of unexpected emails, messages, and phone calls about issues with any of your accounts – especially a bank account. Make sure to verify with your bank logging into your app to see messages there or calling you bank directly to see if there is a legit problem.
  • Don’t give out your login information and passwords. Your bank won’t ask you for this so if someone claiming to be your bank asks this is a major red flag.

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