Queen Elizabeth II Scams

Queen Elizabeth II's death is the latest scam subject for phishing emails.

Last week, Queen Elizabeth II passed away and the news was covered over every media channel. Articles were posted on social media, sent through emails and even sent through texts. Since cybercriminals like to use popular topics to be the subject of their scams, the Queen’s passing has provided them with a new scam.

Be on the lookout the next couple of weeks for any phishing attacks and social media disinformation articles about the Queen. Cybercriminals will be using these tactics to try to entice you in clicking on their phishing links or providing sensitive information.


  • Always be suspicious of texts, emails, and social posts with shocking headlines. Most of the time they lead to articles with false information.
  • Think before you click! Hover over an links to see where the link is really taking you. Many phishing campaigns want you to click on a link impulsively.
  • Report any suspicious emails to your IT team.

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