QR Code Scams on the Rise

Cybercriminals are utilizing QR codes to scam people into giving their personal or payment information.

QR codes have become insanely popular especially during the pandemic.They make it easier to follow social distancing guidelines. Many restaurant menus and discount codes are now in QR code form. Just like anything that becomes popular cybercriminals have taken it upon themselves and have created scams with QR codes.

Cybercriminals have been creating fake QR codes to trick people into sharing their personal information with them. QR codes are very simple to create making this an easy scam for cybercriminals. Some scam scenarios they are doing are fake QR codes in a coffee shops promoting free Wi-Fi, codes on a parking meters to pay to park, and codes redirecting you to a fake websites in hopes you will enter your payment information.


  • Be very cautious about random QR codes you see. Especially the ones that promise too good to be true deals or don’t have a label on them.
  • Always think before you scan a QR code. Cybercriminals are banking on people to act impulsively. Take that extra second to think more about what you are doing!
  • Always go directly to a website to make payments instead of using a QR code that could potentially take you to a fake website.

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