Microsoft Teams Scam

Many companies use chat features to communicate with their teams. This became even more popular during Covid while people were working remotely. Cybercriminals are always trying to get one step ahead and with more people learning how to spot phishing emails, they have turned to other popular communication tools.

The latest phishing scam is affecting Microsoft Teams. Since people outside of your organization are able to message you on Teams this has been a new tactic that cybercriminals are using. Cybercriminals send you a message that includes a PDF attachment. Once the attachment is downloaded it will install malware on the person’s device.


  • Always be cautious and understand that cybercriminals can use any type of communication method to send their scams.
  • This does not just affect Microsoft Teams, this could be any communication tool.
  • Remember to never download or click on links from an unexpected email, message or text.
  • Always verify!

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