Microsoft Office Scam

Free comes with its consequences! Cybercriminals are sending out a free pirated Microsoft Office software but it’s actually malware. While free sounds nice and all, downloading this can cost you a lot more like handing your personal data over to the cybercriminals.

Once a person starts to install the software on their device, the installation looks completely normal and legit. Cybercriminals have designed this to make it look as real as possible in hopes to trick you. They even have made sure this type of malware is supposed to go undetected from antivirus scanners. It also can reinstall itself after the scanner has scanned it and removed it. Meaning once you start the installation process there really isn’t any way around it, malware will infect your device.

Like many know, cybercriminals use malware to gain access to your personal information. This includes financial info, usernames, passwords, keystrokes, etc. 


  • Don’t download software from a random source.
  • Always remember if you see something online that seems too good to be true that’s a big red flag! Free versions of Microsoft seems very unlikely since it’s a program that people usually pay for.
  • Constantly make sure your devices are up to date and that you are doing antivirus software as well as data backups.