Malware Excel Scam Blog

Cybercriminals are sending out phishing emails disguised as a payment invoice with an Excel spreadsheet. Their wording in the email is designed for the receiver to act impulsively. They are trying to make you think this is an urgent matter. In the body of the email, it states that you need to make the payments listed on the attached forms ASAP otherwise there will be fees.

When you open the spreadsheet, you will see a pop-up to enable editing. If you click to enable editing, you are really starting to install malware on your device. Malware is used by cybercriminals to steal your personal information. Once malware is on your device, cybercriminals can see your credentials, payment information, keystrokes, and other personal information.


  • Never click on enable editing on attachments that were unexpected and you haven’t verified.
  • Always look at the wording in emails, does it make you feel like you need to do something urgently? It’s probably a scam then!
  • Make sure to verify before doing an action. Call the company from a number from a trusted web browser.