Login Credential Scam

One of the latest scams going around is a wrong password credential scam.

When you are logging into an account and get a wrong password error, you usually type in the same password again. If that still doesn’t work, you might type in another password you use for other websites. Cybercriminals know this happens often and are taking advantage of it.

Their scam is an important document being sent to you and you need to use your login credentials to view it. They make this document look pretty legit, having it be blurred out and having a fake Adobe watermark on it. The truth is there never is an important document. The art of this scam is to get you to login with a couple different passwords.

The cybercriminals allow you to type in a couple of passwords before locking you out. Each password you type in an error message appears back to you, but the truth is they are keeping track of each password you have typed. The cybercriminals will keep these passwords and use this information on different websites to try and login as you.


  1. Never click on a link or open a document that is unexpected from both people you don’t know and people you know. If you know the person, verify with them by not responding to the email or using the contact info on this particular email but by calling them directly.
  2. Never use the same passwords across different accounts. If you have a specific password for each of your accounts, then the cybercriminals won’t be able to access your accounts on other websites.
  3. Always be cautious when opening emails. Cybercriminals can make any email look somewhat real.