Links Technology was the Main Squeeze Sponsor for Lemonade Day!

Lemonade Day was in full swing with 32 stands around Schaumburg.

Lemonade Day took place in Illinois for the very first time on July 28! What was so amazing about this milestone is that it took place right here in Schaumburg with the help of the Schaumburg Business Association and Links Technology was the Main Squeeze Sponsor.

Lemonade day is a fun learning program for young entrepreneurs to learn how to start, own and operate their own business – a lemonade stand. Each child that registers receives access to the Lemonade Day curriculum that teaches them lessons like creating budgets, setting profit-making goals, serving customers, repaying investors, and giving back to the community.

There was a total of 32 lemonade stands at various locations in the Schaumburg area. These kids had a perfect weather day and a lot of fun selling lemonade.

Each child was able to keep all the money they made during Lemonade Day. The curriculum did encourage the kids to spend some, save some, and share some of their money.