Last Pass Data Breach

Many people were affected by the LastPass breach that took place last year. LastPass is a password management tool that allows users to store their passwords in one place, generate more secure passwords, and has an autofill password feature. When the breach occurred all users data was exposed including names, email addresses, phone numbers, logins, passwords, etc. Cybercriminals have been able to utilize this information and create scams to try to trick these users into sending over even more sensitive information.

These phishing scams look like a legit email with a link asking the user to verify their information. That link ends up taking the user to a fake Last Pass page. This page will ask the user to login, if they login with their username and password, their information will go right in the hands of cybercriminals.



  • This scam could be any company, it does not have to just be Last Pass. Be cautious of any company that has just had a breach.
  • Never click on a link from an email that was unexpected.
  • Login to websites by using a safe browser and not by a link in an email.

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