Israel-Hamas War Scams

Any big topic that makes headlines worldwide is likely to be the star of a cybercriminal scam. With the recent Israel-Hamas war circulating the news, cybercriminals will use this topic to their advantage. We are most likely to see many types of scams on this topic in the next month. These scams could be spreading disinformation, donation campaigns, have malicious links, etc.

One scam already out there on this topic was video footage of the war being posted on X that was actually a video game. This post went viral and was a form of spreading disinformation. Cybercriminals can use this type of scam to spread fake information as well as trick you into downloading malicious attachments or clicking malicious links.  


  • Always stay up to date on the news from a trusted newscast or website so that you can determine what is real and what is fake news.
  • Always think before you click on any links or open attachments.
  • Be cautious of any information, emails, and messages you see with this topic.

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