Homoglyph and Unicode Phishing Scams

Cybercriminals have been using Unicodes and homoglyphs to impersonate companies and trick people. They use letters and characters that look the same to make you think it’s a legitimate trusted company. It could be as simple as them using an accent over a certain letter. If you don’t pay attention to the accent you could quickly glance over it and fall for the phishing scam.   

The latest scam is an email sent from cybercriminals with homoglyphs and Unicode in the email. This email is offering you a fake promotion that includes a link for you to login to get the promotion. If you login, you give cybercriminals your login information.


  • Always look for red flags when you receive an email.
  • Never click on an unexpected email. If you get prompted to log in to your account, go to the website and log in that way.
  • Be cautious of any email since it could be fake. Cybercriminals use email to impersonate people, brands and companies.

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