Google Voice Authentication Scams

Cybercriminals are using phone numbers they find online to link to their Google Voice account and to get access to other Google accounts.

Google Voice is a service that uses virtual phone numbers to text and make or receive phone calls. In order to track activity, the virtual phone numbers need to be linked to a real phone number. Cybercriminals have started taking people's names and phone numbers and will create a Google Voice number with them. They then are using this number to do other phone scams and can even gain access to the person’s google account.

Cybercriminals target people who are selling items on the internet or are posting their number on social media. In the latest scam, they find a seller on the internet and contact them. The cybercriminals say I am going to send a Google authentication code to your cell phone to verify you are real person and a legitimate seller. The authentication code allows them to link their Google Voice account to your phone. Don't give anyone authentication codes! 


  • Never share authentication codes to other people. Keep the code between you and the service you are using. All types of services use authentication codes including services with highly sensitive data such as banks.
  • Be cautious with an unknown number calling you. Cybercriminals can find your phone number from social media, resumes, resale sites and many other places.
  • If someone wants to confirm you are a real person, do a video chat or set up a phone call.
  • Be careful where you are sharing your phone number.

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