Google Doesn’t Like Your Old Website

On April 21st Google will begin rolling out its Mobile Friendly search algorithm update.

Google is ranking mobile-optimized sites higher. It’s time to go responsive.

This will have a significant impact on search rankings for websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.  In previous updates to its search algorithm, Google has made searching more mobile friendly, directing users to mobile optimized websites. However this new update that will take place later this month is more important to take note of, as they will give preference to those sites who have full optimization for mobile devices of all screen sizes.

What does "Mobile Optimization" mean?

Having a website that is Mobile Optimized means that a person can view a website on any device, no matter the screen size (tablet, phone, etc.), and read it or navigate it easily without pinching the screen to zoom in on pieces of it. This is also referred to as a "Responsive Design" as the website adapts to the screen a person is viewing the website on.    

What does this mean for your website?

In effect it means that a site without mobile optimization will be pushed down in search results in favor of a site that is mobile optimized.  Up to 60% of web traffic is not coming from mobile devices of all kinds.  So the push in this direction is clear to Google and thus they are adapting their search results to give those viewers the best experience they can on a website.  Test your website for compliance with Google's new algorithm here.

What if your website is not mobile optimized?

Great news!!  We can help you with that!  Links Technology has a full Web Design and Development team ready to help you redesign your website to meet these new standards so that you can reach the broader audience you desire and help your web presence succeed.  Visit us at our website here, or contact us at 847-252-7600 and ask us for a quote!