Fake Party Invitation Scam

Cybercriminals have been sending out fake party invites that if downloaded can install malware to their devices. They have spoofed representatives for the ambassador of India and sent these party invites to European diplomats in the lastest phishing scam.

The cybercriminals sent out a phishing email that included an attached PDF of the party invitation. The invitation appears to look legit if you look over it too quickly. There is correct letterhead and contact information for the ambassador of India. Downloading the PDF isn’t where the malware is installed on the device. The invitation also has a questionnaire link on it for any receiver to reserve their spot to the party. If the person clicks on the questionnaire they are downloading malware to their device without them even knowing it. This malware scans their device and collects sensitive data that is then sent to the cybercriminals.


  • This can happen to any group or person, it doesn’t just have to target diplomats.
  • Always think before you click! Was the email unexpected? Did you hover over any links? Do you know the sender? Make sure you look for red flags.
  • Be wary of any news that is exciting and unexpected! Many things that are too good to be true are scams.

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