Fake Order Confirmation Emails

Cybercriminals are sending out fake Amazon confirmation emails.

Holiday shopping is in full swing and so are confirmation emails from popular places like Amazon.

In the latest scam, cybercriminals are sending out fake Amazon confirmation emails with the phony purchase, payment amount and mailing address. The email then has a link you can click on to view or manage your order. This link actually goes to Amazon’s real website, but you won’t be able to find the information on the purchase since it’s fake. The only thing you can do to cancel this order is call the customer service number listed on the email that really goes to the cybercriminals. Once you call the fake number, they say you can cancel this order by confirming your credit card information. You really are giving your credit card information away to the cybercriminals! Stay alert and don't fall for this scam!


  • Never click on links in an email that you weren’t expecting.
  • Always go to the website in your own browser and take customer support numbers from the website rather than in an email.
  • Never share sensitive data over the phone.