Fake CBD Scam

Since CBD products have become even more popular during the pandemic, they have been used as the main topic in many phishing emails.

This pandemic has put a lot of stress on people. They turn to popular products such as CBD products which has now been a highly used topic for cybercriminals. They are creating fake promotions for CBD products.

Cybercriminals are using social media ads and phishing emails to advertise unbelievable CBD deals to people. These advertisements include a place to purchase the product, a link that goes to a fake malicious website, an area to add login info and tactics to get around email filters. Falling for this scam can cause you to hand over sensitive payment information and it can also install malware to your device.


  • Don’t believe a deal that seems too good to be true.
  • Purchase and shop at well-known stores and actually type in their website on a safe browser to avoid scams like these.
  • Cybercriminals try to use popular topics/products to lure their victims in. They will target your emotions so that you are more likely to purchase impulsively. Be cautious of ads and emails.

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