Easy Money Scam

It’s no secret that people are struggling economically. Making easy money looks more appealing every day and social media posts are highlighting different ways that people can gain this easy income. Since many of these videos and posts have gone viral, cybercriminals have now created their own scams posing as easy income opportunities.

In the latest scam, cybercriminals have created a position where people can get cash for liking YouTube videos. They lure the person in by paying them for their first day of work. If you give your direct deposit or banking information the cybercriminals now have that information. They also have made this scam even more elaborate by creating a VIP program stating that VIPs will make more money. The catch about the VIP program is that the person has to invest up to $1,000 to be a part of it but the cybercriminals claim this is worth the pay out at the end. Whatever money the person sends to invest is money that will be long gone and sent right to the hands of cybercriminals.


  • Be cautious of easy income opportunities! Cybercriminals love to play on your emotions and will make this offer seem very desirable and exciting.
  • If a company is asking you to invest money to get a job, it is probably a scam. Legit companies won’t ask you to pay money for a job.
  • Too good to be true offers are big red flags! Be cautious and always think before performing an action.

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