Delivery Smishing Scams

Cybercriminals using smishing scams about deliveries is not a new thing. There has been an increase in these text messages, however. Everyone loves the convenience of having products shipped to their houses and many sign up for text message alerts!

In the latest scam, cybercriminals are sending smishing messages to people pretending to be the postal service. The text message says that your package can’t be delivered unless you fill out the information that it’s asking of you in the link included in the text message. When the person taps the link they are taken to a fake postal office page that looks real. The page asks you to put in your credit card, address and other sensitive details. It says your package won’t be delivered if you don’t do this. Once the person enters their financial and sensitive information, cybercriminals are able to use their credit card and potentially steal their identity.


  • Remember if you actually signed up for text message notifications or not. If you didn’t and you received a text it is most likely a scam!
  • Do not tap a link form a text message that you weren’t expecting.
  • Always be cautious when you are entering payment information. Make sure to go to the website directly and never put information into a website from a link in a text or email.

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