Delivery Smishing Scam

Heads up all Android users! One of the latest scams going around is targeting Android users with a Smishing Scam.

Cybercriminals are sending out text messages about how there is a package for you and in order for it to be delivered, you need to pay a small delivery fee. If you click on the link they provide, it directs you to a page asking you to update your Google Chrome app. Once the victim starts to update the app by clicking the install now button, it directs them to a payment page. The cybercriminals ask you on this page to fill out your payment info to pay a small fee so your package can be delivered.

Not only does it send you to a payment page but by clicking on the install now button, the victim just downloaded malware. It can be super easy to be tricked by this because the cybercriminals have disguised this malware to look like the actual icon and name of Google Chrome. Once it has been downloaded, the app will then be used by cybercriminals to send thousands of smishing texts to random victims.


  1. If you are expecting a package soon check status updates through the retail website directly.
  2. Never click on or download anything from a random text message especially if you were not expecting it.
  3. Only download and update apps through your device’s official app store.
  4. Yes, this attack is mainly going around to Android users but anyone that has a mobile device should be cautious of smishing scams.