Coronavirus Phishing Emails

Evil email attacks are still circulating while this Coronavirus pandemic is taking place. Many hackers are using an email claiming “You Are Infected.”

This email warns the recipient that they have come in contact with someone who has Coronavirus or has been exposed to it. It urges the recipient to download an attachment (that they need to bring to the hospital) and head to the hospital for testing. The email looks like it has been sent from an actual hospital. This evil email plays on people’s fear of Coronavirus which can fog someone’s judgment on phishing emails.


  1. Warn your employees about this email circulating so they are prepared.
  2. Remember do not click on any attachments or links from a sender you do not know.
  3. Do not click on links/attachments that you did not ask for or were sent without your prior knowledge.
  4. Hover over a sender’s email address to see if they are really whom they claim to be.
  5. Make sure to look in the sender’s email address and signature to see any slight misspellings.
  6. Take your time before clicking anything. Really read the email and try your hardest not to react to fear.


Use a security awareness training platform to train and prepare your employees to recognize these phishing emails. Our program has a series of COVID testing emails that customers can use starting right now.

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