Why Use Colocation?

It can be a big task to house your network and server operations at your company. This is why more companies are switching to offsite locations.

A colocation center is a data center that allows customers to rent hardware and space. The center provides the hardware, building, cooling, bandwidth, and security for customers.

Main Reasons Why People Use Colocation:

To Save Room

Hardware can take up a lot of room in your office. By outsourcing and using colocation services, you save room.

To Save Money

Companies have found that they are actually saving money when they use colocation services. Colocation data centers provide the IT environment for you. This means that you do not have to hire someone to service your IT environment since that is already taken care of for you at colocation centers.

Needed More Security

Colocation services are designed to protect your servers from disaster. Data centers have 24/7 security with a 24/7 live technician. This gives companies peace of mind. Colocation centers are fully prepared for fires, burglars, and any other scary disasters that may come in the way. They also have an extremely secure environment and location to make sure hardware is safe.

Needed More Reliability

Allowing others to take care of all hosting problems is one less thing for companies to worry about. When having your server in a colocation center, the colocation company takes care of everything like interrupted power, overheating, physical disaster and etc. This allows your company to put their full focus on their business and let our team worry about their servers.