Our Best Tech of 2013

It seems like every day a new app or new device comes out, and over the past year our team has put many to the test.

Link's Support and Development Teams are not only creators of amazing website, applications, networks, etc., but we are also consumers of technology, in a big way! We decided to share with you some of our team's favorite tech of 2013. Here are a few of our favorite new technology advancements and discoveries  of the past year:


Chromecast is a digital media streaming adapter developed by Google. The device allows you to stream apps like Netflix, Youtube & Hulu Plus to your HDTV from your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi. You can even use it to mirror your computer desktop, creating a second screen without much fuss or any cords.

Travis Tasharski
IT Support Engineer

Amazon Prime

If you buy things on Amazon, use Netflix or have a Kindle, then this is the best thing since sliced bread. For the $79 annual fee you get free 2 day shipping on almost anything, access to Amazon Instant Video (just like Netflix streaming), and free book rentals for your Kindle. Plus, you can share it with up to four others who all get the same benefits as you!

Gary Kravis
Director of Software Solutions


So many (hopefully different) logins to so many sites and apps can make managing your passwords a daunting task. LastPass password manager securely protects all of your passwords with one master password. LastPass also features a form filler to automate password entering, supports secure password generation, and is available on your mobile device.


Tim Nyquist
Senior Web Designer

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft has finally released a app version of its Remote Desktop software that allows you to open a remote window into your computer from your phone or tablet and control it from the device.

Tone Przyszlak
Help Desk Supervisor

SimpliSafe Wireless home Security System

Protecting your home has never been easier or less expensive. Simplisafe is a DIY security system with all the features you need that you can set up, test and use all on your own. It connects to a 24-hour live monitoring center via a cellular connection, the system communicates within your home wirelessly, and it texts or calls you when trouble arises. Simply sick the small attractively designed door, motion, smoke, and CO2 monitors wherever you want and Simplisafe will protect your home and family.

John Reitz
Creative Director

Smart Home Technology - Nest Thermostat

A thermostat learns your schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from your phone from anywhere. Nest Thermostat can lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20% and looks really cool on the wall.

Pavel Stoev
Senior Software Developer


Its been around for a couple years, but Facetime and other face to face communication methods like Skype have changed the way we talk and communicate with business interests or loved ones who are far away. No longer is it going to cost you thousands to talk to and see your friends and relatives in far off countries. Many businesses are using this technology to save on travel expenses and commute time as well.

Debi Easterday
Director of Recruiting

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Touch

Its something of a first in mass market phone security, the iPhone's new Touch ID makes accessing your phone and buying things easier and safer. Use it in combination with iTunes or the app store and you can snag music and apps without remembering a password or entering it while on the go.

Brian Burke
President & CEO


Organize your life and so much more with this suite of apps.  Keep track of simple tasks in this very intuitive, simple, clean and beautiful interface.

Phil Wijs
Business & UX Analyst

What’s Next?

We are watching a number of amazing new trends in Technology for the next year. Wearable technology like the Google Glass or Galaxy Gear Smart Watch are expected to make big strides. We expect continued growth of smart home technology like LIFX wi-fi LED light bulbs and wireless security systems like SimpliSafe. The biggest trend, of course, is mobilization on the web. Websites that provide a quick and impressive contact point for consumers via a mobile device will outperform those who don’t in a big way this next year and are now essential to success online.

We had a fantastic 2013 and look forward to  all the new discoveries in the New Year. Let us know what you found useful or discover this past year, and have a safe and happy 2014!