World Backup Day 3-31-15

March 31st is “World Backup Day”, and is a great time to ensure you backup your important documents, photos and music.

A “backup”, as it is commonly known, is simply a second copy of files.  This ensures you don’t lose it if something were to happen to the device you are keeping these important files on.  No one wants to lose the photos they have collected, the important documents they need for various purposes, or any of the music that gives them enjoyment in their daily lives.  We would like to offer you some ways you can use this day to back these types of items up and more!

Backing up to an external drive is a great way to keep your files safe.  Follow the 3-2-1 rule and keep three copies, in two formats, with one copy off-site.  Below are some examples of external drives:

  • External Hard Drive
  • DVD
  • Thumb Drive
  • Home Server

You might also consider cloud storage, of which there are a variety of services that are available.  Your data gets quietly backed up to a secure server and can be retrieved instantly, whenever you need to access them.  Below are some examples of cloud storage:

Lastly, it is very important to have a backup strategy to properly back up your important files.  Here are some tips on formulating your strategy.

  • Decide what folders or data you want to backup.
  • Schedule how often you want to make the backup.
  • Verify that you can access and restore the data.
  • Keep your system working or your subscription to backup services paid.

Businesses need a backup plan too. Our team of highly skilled support engineers can guide your company through setting up an appropriate backup or disaster recovery system that fits your needs and budget. Contact us at 847-252-7600 for more information today!