Zoom Installer Phishing Emails

Video chats are becoming essential to network with others, hold meetings for work, and to connect with loved ones and friends.

There are many different video conferencing apps but Zoom is growing very popular with EVERYONE, including cybercriminals. The latest scam is a malicious Zoom installer.

Phishing emails are circulating around with the latest version for Zoom. These emails include download links that take you to a Zoom look-alike website where you can download their latest version. This is a trap!

The cybercriminals want you to download the application off of their site so they can install a remote access trojan (RAT) to your computer. A RAT allows scammers to watch your every move on your computer. They will be able to take screenshots, save what your typing, and record video chats without your knowledge. Their main reason for doing this is to observe as much as they can so they can steal your passwords and sensitive information.

Tips when dealing with emails:

  1. Never click directly on links or downloads in an email.
  2. Use your web browser and go directly to the website your email is about. In this case, you will be able to check if you have the latest Zoom version from their website.
  3. Ask your IT department before you download anything. They will guide you in the right direction and let you know if something is a scam.