Transitioning to Working From Home

Work has looked a little different these past few months.

Our world transitioned from going to work every day to working at home with the whole family. During these challenging times, we have had to juggle getting a laptop or moving our desktop home, making sure our security is top-notch, and taking extra precautions when working with kids around. It’s been a tough change for all of us, but Links is always here to help make the transition easy.

What we have been doing to help:

  1. Setting up desktop computers at home
  2. Providing laptops for people to use at home
  3. We have been putting security measures in place, including VPN .. so the security is the same at home as it is in the office
  4. Reminding customers to lock their computers when they are away from them and store them out of children’s reach. (We know that children love to “work” like their Moms & Dads)