Watch out for Microsoft Windows 11 Upgrade Scams

Microsoft is rolling out their Windows 11 upgrade in the next couple of weeks. Cybercriminals are using this topic in their latest phishing scams.

Microsoft announced that starting on October 5, systems that run Windows 10 will be offered a free upgrade to Windows 11. Since Microsoft is one of the most popular and widely used software, cybercriminals are taking this upgrade to their advantage and making it apart of their latest scams. 

We can expect cybercriminals will use this topic in several different scams. Be wary of pop-up Windows 11 upgrades, phishing emails with Windows 11 as the topic, and fake Windows 11 webpages.


  • Only trust new upgrade information from the source. Go directly to Microsoft’s official website to see the latest news and information about the Windows 11 upgrade. You can also follow their social media pages from their website and get your information that way.
  • If you are prompted to upgrade your Windows on your computer, contact your IT Department so they can ensure that it is legitimate.
  • Always think before you click! Cybercriminals play off your impulses and catch you off guard. Make sure you are reading emails and pop ups extremely carefully.