Tax Phishing Scam

It’s tax season again, and that means more tax scams are popping up! Cybercriminals have created a scam with a malicious PDF attached to it that looks like it came from the government. They prompt the person to click on the link to download this important tax form. Cybercriminals are also understanding that trainings are teaching people to go to a trusted browser to access the official website, so they even are including instructions to copy the link from the email and paste it in the trusted browser. They are trying to get around what you have learned and make you perform an action. If the person does click on the link or paste it in the browser they are taking to a webpage that is fake but looks like a legit government page. When they are taken to the page they are also downloading malware to their device. Cybercriminals then will be able to steal your data including login information. 


  • Make sure you are doing software updates when they are available.
  • Always be cautious of unexpected emails, messages, etc. Think before you click and check for red flags!
  • Report suspicious emails and follow your company’s protocol.

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