Supply Chain Scams

Supply Chain phishing and social engineering attacks are on the rise.

As always, when there is a popular topic or news happening around the world cybercriminals use it to their advantage and make it the next subject for phishing scams and social engineering attacks. Covid-19 has caused many major cities in China to go on lockdown and the war going on in Ukraine are just a couple of factors that have impacted the supply chain for industries around the world.

Since these topics are in the news and are becoming more popular, we can predict that there will be more supply chain phishing and social engineering attacks. This subject gives cybercriminals many variations of scams. You could see a fake shipping delay notification, fake ads, or articles with false supply chain information as just a few of the scams.


  • Always be cautious of headlines that sound too good to be true about supply chains. Cybercriminals like putting information out there to mislead you.
  • Never click on a link or open an attachment from an email you weren’t expecting.
  • Always confirm an email is legitimate before clicking on any links. If you are expecting a shipment look for the order number, purchase date and the payment method used to determine if it is real.

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