How to Make a Strong Password

The key to making a strong password is to make one that you remember easily but is still a difficult password where others can't guess it.

Strong Password Example and Steps

An easy way to make a strong password is to use a phrase, song lyric, book title, or quote you like then change it up to be more challenging. Let's say you really like the song “If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands"

Step 1: Use the first letter of each word: IYHAYKICYH

Step 2: Lowercase a couple of letters: iyHAyKiCyH
In this case we lowercased all the words that start with y and i.

Step 3: Next replace letters with numbers: 1iyHAyKiCyH
We replaced the first “i” with a 1.

Step 4: Change letters to similar looking symbols: 1y#@yK!Cy#
In this case we changed the letter “i” to “!” the “A” to “@” and both “H’s” to a “#”

New and improved strong password: 1y#@yK!Cy#

Tips To Remember:

1. Treat your password like your toothbrush – Do not share it with ANYONE and change it every 3 months.

Having your company change their passwords every couple of months, will help it stay more secure and will help prevent getting passwords compromised.

2. Never write your password down!

You never know who can find your password on your phone, in a notebook or on your desk. It’s best to come up with a phrase you will remember so you don’t have to write it down.

3. A good password should look like a group of random symbols and characters.

It might be confusing to use at first but as long as you remember your phrase, your password will become natural.

4. Don’t use your birthday, anniversary, pet names, friends' names, etc.

Though these dates/names may be easy to remember they also make it easy for others to gain knowledge about you and potentially compromise your password.

5. Use a lengthy password

We recommend at least 8 characters or symbols in your password. The longer the password you have, the better! You can even use an entire sentence as a password: Ifyou'rehappyandyouknowitclapyourhands583.

6. Use a variety of symbols and characters

A strong password should have many symbols like (@,!,#,$,&) and a variation of uppercase/lowercase letters and numbers. It is even smart to substitute symbols and numbers for letters.
Ex) Makeup -> M@k3Up