Spear Phishing Scams

Spear phishing is a popular scam used by cybercriminals to steal your sensitive information. It is a targeted email attack that appears to be a company you know but is really a cybercriminal. Any well-known brand -big or small- can be the victim of a spear phishing attack. In the most recent scam, a popular online community company, Reddit, was involved in a spear phishing attack.

Cyber criminals created a fake website that impersonated the Reddit website with the intention to steal login credentials. They then sent phishing emails to all the employees at Reddit directing them to the fake Reddit website and asking them to login. Any employee who did just that handed over their login information directly to the cybercriminals. Now cybercriminals can use this information to access their accounts, customer information, financials, etc.



  • Be cautious with what you share online. Cybercriminals are always watching and can use that information to target you in their scams.
  • Always verify that a sender is who they claim to be. If you know the person who sent you an email make sure you reach out to the person in person or by phone.
  • Keep in the back of your mind that a spear phishing attack could happen to any company. Always think before you click!

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