Spear Phishing Scam

Getting texts from an unknown number that claims to be your manager? You might be the target in cybercriminals’ latest spear phishing scam! The scam starts with a text message from a random number that uses detailed information about your company and claims to be your boss. Since the text includes details about your company, you are more likely to let your guard down and believe it. Once they have gained your trust, they cybercriminals say they need to urgently pay this business expense. They ask you to send over the money using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. If you send them the money, it will go directly to the cybercriminals and not your manager.


  • Always be cautious of receiving text messages from unknown numbers.
  • Make sure you verify with the person using a different method to figure out if the request is legit or not.
  • If someone is asking for money through a text, message, or email and you don't know them– it is probably a scam.