Shein Mystery Box Scam

Heads up Shein buyers! Cybercriminals' latest scam is promoting a Shein Mystery Box and congratulations you might have just won handing over your personal information to them.

In this scam, cybercriminals send you an email that doesn’t use Shein’s domain or have any Shein logos. The email does have a link and uses encouraging writing that congratulates you on being the winner and prompts you to click on the link to claim your prize.

Once you click on the link, you are redirected to a webpage where you enter your personal information so you can claim your mystery box. When looking at the link, you can see that it is not a Shein URL. If you entered your information on the webpage, cybercriminals now have it and can use it to access other accounts of yours.


  • There are many red flags you can spot in this scam. No logos, different URLS and domains, and it being unexpected.
  • Never click on a link from an email that you weren’t expecting.
  • Don’t always believe what is sent to you.
  • Always hover over links to see where they actual go.

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