Search Engine Optimization Scams

SEO is a useful tool that helps companies show up on search engines. A great SEO strategy can help companies gain more leads and traction to their website.

Cybercriminals also have enjoyed using SEO strategies to help with their scams. They use SEO and malicious files to trick people into sending over their sensitive information. Cybercriminals use paid search and other SEO strategies to get their files and fake websites to the top of the search page. If someone clicks on these results, they will look like a real website but usually will have links that can download malware to your device.


  • Always think before you click on a link. Even if this link is on a search engine and looks legit. Make sure to hover your mouse over the link to see where it really is taking you.
  • Cybercriminals try to get you to act impulsively. They want you to quickly click their link if it’s first or at the top. Always read the titles and descriptions to make sure it’s matching with what you are looking for.
  • Take your time and think before clicking on links in PDFs as well! Cybercriminals can hide malicious links in documents too.

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