Schaumburg Park District joins the mobile website race

With the proliferation of cell phones/smartphones in the United States, it is increasingly important to optimize your website experience for people on the go.

For Phase 2 of our Schaumburg Park District website redesign, we tackled their mobile site. The emphasis is on simplicity and clarity, a more user-friendly experience than pinching and zooming around the regular website.

Sure, you can slap your information into a template with the edge-to-edge navigation buttons and basic pages of content, etc. However, you will find some real thought put into the customization of the SPD mobile site. From the featured stories, news and events on the homepage to the small-screen optimized containers of information and quick contact buttons, navigating content is comfortable.

Everything from the backend code to the graphics is optimized to download at lightning speeds, so we hope you enjoy your mobile experience with the Schaumburg Park District.