Latest Scam: Enabling Macros

Enabling macros is one of the most common ways bad guys can get you to install their malware on your computer.

The cybercriminals will most likely send you an email with a macro-enabled excel document attached. This excel document will have a security banner at the top asking you to "Enable Content." By enabling the content the cybercriminals' malware will automatically install on your computer.

The latest email to be on the lookout for is disguised as a Windows Defender help page. This email gives easy instructions and prompts the receiver on how to click "Enable Content." These emails look very convincing and even include credible logos such as McAfee's logo.


  1. Never open an attachment or click on a link from an unexpected email or sender.
  2. Before "Enabling Content" on an excel file, reach out to the sender by a phone call or text. Verify with them who sent the email, who created the file, what the file contains, and why macros are necessary.
  3. Read emails carefully and don't full for fake logos. The bad guys will use familiar logos to trick you.