Remittance File Phishing Scam

In the latest phishing email, cybercriminals are playing on people’s curiosity. They are sending an email that has an attachment titled “Payment Advice” and the email talks about advice about remittance. The email is sent from a fake email address and the Payment Advice attachment is a PDF that has been infected with malware.

If the person opens the PDF and downloads the malware on their device they can expect that the cybercriminals will have access to their keystrokes, personal data, login credentials, and computer history.


  • Always look for red flags in emails. Look at the email address, is it legit? Look for grammar errors and the time that the email was sent.
  • Be cautious of any emails that were unexpected. Always verify with the sender in a different way if you think it is a legit email.
  • Never download an attachment or click on a link from an unexpected email.

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