Ransomware Scams

Ransomware is a type of software that infects devices and networks. Cybercriminals use ransomware to get a profit from you. When you are infected with ransomware, cybercriminals hold your sensitive documents hostage from you until you pay what they ask for. If you don’t pay or listen to the cybercriminals they will destroy the files or make them public. Both are really bad outcomes for your company. You would not want your sensitive files to go public causing a data breach and it would be awful to have them destroyed especially if you have no data back ups.

There are businesses that sell this malicious software to cybercriminals. They look like legit companies with websites, customer service, etc. They advertise to cybercriminals who are wanting to target a certain business.


  • Always be cautious and think before you click! Any business can be affected by ransomware and cybercriminals want you to act impulsively.
  • If it seems suspicious, do not click or open attachments! Follow your protocol about what to do with suspicious emails.

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