QR Scams

Ever since Covid, restaurants, bars and other companies have featured QR codes to make things more contactless. Many restaurants have kept the QR codes still in place so their customers can scan it and access their menus. 

Cybercriminals have taken QR codes as another opportunity to steal people’s information. Cybercriminals have been sending out multi-factor authentication (MFA) messages that have you scan a QR code to enable it. When you scan the QR code you get taken to a fake webpage that the cybercriminals created to trick you into sharing your login and password information.


  • Be cautious when you get taken to a page that asks for any personal information like your login and password information.
  • Don’t just scan random QR codes or any QR codes from an unexpected email.
  • Always look for red flags in an email and make sure you are thinking before you click on anything or before acting impulsively.

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