Pretexting Scams

Pretexting is another tactic that cybercriminals use to try and trick you into handing over your sensitive information. With pretexting scams, cybercriminals use public information they find on social media, blogs, etc and impersonate someone with the information they have found.

For example, a friend or family member posts a photo or a status that they are on vacation and where they are. Cybercriminals can then use that information to reach out to you or any of their friends and create a fake story. They could send you a message impersonating your friend and claim to have lost their wallet and they need money for transportation. The cybercriminal wants to catch you off guard and play on your feelings of helping your friend. The cybercriminal could try to convince you to send the money to a certain spot and right in their pocket.


  • Always check the grammar and flow of the message. Remember how your friend types and talks to you. Always stop and think is this really her or him.
  • Always verify! Reach out to the person a different way like by calling or in person.
  • Think before you perform an action!

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