Post Shopping Scams

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for everyone – including cybercriminals!! The amount of purchases made online during Black Friday this year was 9.8 million dollars worth and with that came thousands of phishing scams.

These scams vary from too good to be true sales, shipping notification scams, unexpected purchases on your account and retargeting purchases. Many of these scams include wording that makes you feel the urgency to perform an action without thinking. These actions can be downloading order history/receipts, clicking on a link to see the tracking of a shipment, etc.


  • Remember what you have learned and to think before you click! Hover over links to see where they go. Don’t download or click on links from an unexpected email.
  • If you get an unexpected email about your account or with a sales offer, make sure to go to a trusted browser and access the website or your account that way to verify.
  • When you get a shipping notification make sure details match like order number, date and payment.

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