Phishy Energy Scams

Cybercriminals are sending out fake deals and refund scams for energy bills.

Energy costs have been on the rise recently and many people are concerned about. Cybercriminals have taken these concerns to their advantage. They love to play on people’s fears and feelings. Cybercriminals have been using malicious scams that offer rebates, refunds and discounts on energy bills to get people’s attention.

In the latest scam, they are sending out emails offering you a refund on your last energy bill. Included in this email is a website where you are prompted to provide your bank account information and other personal credentials to ensure you get the refund. Unfortunately, when you send this information, it goes straight to the cybercriminals and they can steal your money.



  • Always think before you click! Hover over links to see where it really is taking you.
  • Be cautious of emails with urgent words in them that make you scared into an action.
  • Offers that seem awesome, are probably too good to be true. Always verify offers on the legit websites.

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