Omicron Variant Email Scam

A fake Covid-19 Omicron PCR test scam is making its way to inboxes.

The new variant of Covid-19, Omicron, is spreading across the globe and so are the Omicron related phishing emails from cybercriminals.

In the latest scam, cybercriminals are sending out phishing emails with an offer for a new Covid-19 Omicron PCR test. This email looks like it is coming from the United Kingdom’s National Health Service but is really from cybercriminals impersonating the health service. The link provided in the email takes you to a look-alike National Health Service’s webpage where it asks you to enter in personal details and payment information. Once entered all this information goes straight to the cybercriminals.


  • Stay informed about the Omicron variant from your local news.
  • Never click on a link from an email you weren’t expecting.
  • This scam like so many Covid-19 related scams, is impersonating a National Health Service. This one is targeting the United Kingdom’s specifically, but other scams can target local and global health organizations.

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