Netflix Scam Hits 110 Million Users

Netflix has been hit by a massive phishing attack campaign.

Subscribers are being targeted, telling them that their account is about to be canceled with a very official-looking, personalized, fake email. The customers are asked to update their account information to avoid suspension which results in their personal and credit card information being stolen by the hackers.

The email typically has the subject line of: “Your suspension notification”. In the email, subscribers find a link that, when clicked, takes them to a fake Netflix log-in page to give their information and credit card number. The phishing attack was fist detected on Sunday, November 5th and is targeting almost 110 million Netflix subscribers. The fake site includes Netflix’s logo as well as images of  popular Netflix shows like “The Crown” and “House of Cards” which make the site seem legitimate.

Don't fall for the scam!

Never click on links in any email unless you know you initiated it being sent to you via the real Netflix website. You account data is safe and it is safe to use Netflix, but if you give up your information this easily, your data and money are as good as gone!